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Dr. Talha Bin Mohammad Ghouth Law firm || Drafting of contract and regulation

Drafting of contract and regulation


Drafting of contracts and regulations

  The Firm, committed to its criteria for the accuracy and quality services, cautiously draft and vigilantly  review all types of contracts/ agreements, in order to  ensure that all clients rights are  observed and their interests are  perceived , and strength of their positions are maintained while the occurrence of any unseen disputes. We are experienced in drafting all categories  of contracts , agreements including but not limited to partnership, companies establishment.  trade agencies - transfer of technology, commercial agency, distribution, Sale of goods, purchase and leasing,  construction,  maintenance agreements,  public services contract.

  The firm is also talented to review all contracts , agreement submitted by customers, for review, audit, check,  and  ensure their conformity with applicable laws and regulations and examine their safety.

In addition to the above mentioned services the firm provides the service of preparation, drafting and revision of memorandums and articles of association of all types of companies and their  internal regulations in accordance with the applicable Laws, Regulations, Orders and Directives in  the Kingdom.