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Dr. Talha Bin Mohammad Ghouth Law firm || Legal Training

Legal Training


Legal Training:

Our Law Firm is characterized by extensive experience in the field of legal training, and provides specialized training courses for staff of government and private institutions  through our qualified staffs with proper academic and practical qualification in all legal areas related to the nature of their work,  which is  contributing to raising the knowledge and legal awareness, to ensure their competence, efficiency of performance, the accuracy and safety procedures, in their business and to avoid complaints and disputes arising from legal and eliminate or mitigate to the lowest standard  procedural and handling errors. The Law Firm is ready to provide  pre –tailored short legal or par-legal training courses for any groups including: Governments` Officials, Civil Society Organizations, NGOs  and Corporate Bodies  in the area of their concern. If you have employees you wants to be customer oriented based or you need to train them to customer protection rights or you have any inquiry please do not hesitate to contact us.