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Dr. Talha Bin Mohammad Ghouth Law firm || Pleading




The Law Firm represents its clients before all jurisdictional courts whether of the first instance,  appeal, high courts or high judicial council which is the highest supreme judicial organ in the hierarchy of courts in the Kingdom, and other quasi-judicial bodies and committees, and  government specialized agencies, such as ombudsman and anti grievances agencies. It is imperative, and aware that our statutory duty is to exert every reasonable effort with due care to our clients and their business. We are ready to take every appropriate actions against or for any governmental departments, administrative bodies,  companies, and individuals, provided that we are certain that  clients are right.

We use every possible means such as writing notes and pleas and demurrers , attending  judicial sessions, following up with the procedures of a case at the different departments. We always have to find the best ways to conclude the dispute as soon as possible, keeping the principles of the legal profession, and clients' secrets. Our member advocates and legal advisors can handle varity of law  divisions disputes Including:

* Real Estate, Real Property, Land Lord and Tenants, Rents Areas, Land Use and Planning, and,
* Financial Disputes & Cases of Creditor and Debtor Rights, Banking, Bankruptcy, Damages, and Personal         PropertyDifferent Financial Claims, and Commercial Notes Cases, such as Cheques, Promissory Notes Negotiable Instruments and Bills of Exchanges..
* Islamic Laws and Cases, Inheritance, Waqfs and Wills: and all disputes that may arise thereof .
* Business Law, Intellectual Property Laws  and Commercial Law Cases: such as disputes out of Contracts, Partnership, Companies, Agencies, Sale of Goods, Suppliers, and similar.
* Labour law, Employment Law, Immigration Laws and Worker's Cases, Workers Compensations, Actions put before Worker's Committees at the Ministry of Labour by workers or Masters, etc…
* Administrative Law and Government and civil practices, taxation and Administrative cases: before the Divan of Grievances, and Divan of Complaints and Specialized Committees, including Complaint Litigation of the Administrative Decisions and Compensation Council.
* Criminal law and Juvenile Law, Criminal Practices and Criminal Cases: including Investigations, Evidence, (Deaya) Blood Money, Compensations, Consumer Protection, Motor vehicle law, Compensations for the defects of a Sold Value, Assault, Counterfeiting and similar.

* Family Law cases of personal affairs such as Divorce, Guardianship: the Prevention of a Woman to get Married, Divorce with the Return of Monetary Compensation Paid for the Woman, Alimony and Nursing.

* Communication laws and Media cases: relating to journalism, TV, and Radio broadcasting,  information cases and electronic harmful disseminations.
* Health laws and Medical mistake cases: health insurance claims, and claims for any compensations related thereof.
* Insurance law. Energy and natural recourses law, environmental laws and related claims thereof.
* Aviation and Transportation laws. aircraft acquiring ,leasing maintenance  including passenger rights passenger compensation