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 Dr Talha Bin Mohammad Bin Abdul Rahman Ghouth 


ý   PhD in Judicial Rules and Regulations

    Judicial Higher Institute - Islamic University of Imam Muhammad Bin Saud – Riyadh , (K.S.A).

ý  Master  In Judicial Rules and Regulations

    Judicial Higher Institute - Islamic University Imam Muhammad Bin Saud – Riyadh, (K.S.A).

ý  Post Graduate Diploma in Penal Laws

    Public Administration Institute in Riyadh, (K.S.A)..

ý  Bachelors of Islamic law ( Shar`a)

    Islamic University in  Madinah, (K.S.A).

ý  Diploma in Education

    Islamic University, Department of Education in Madinah, (K.S.A).


♦   Public Prosecution, Jurisprudence and Provisions.

♦   Legal Representation in litigations, Jurisprudence and Provisions

♦   Criminal Inspection doctrine and  provisions.

      Job Experience:

The founder has fifteen years experience in The Bureau of Investigation and Prosecution during which he held the following positions:

ý  Member of Investigation and Public Prosecution Commission

ý  Member of Investigation and Public Prosecution Attorney General Bureau.

ý  Chief Assistant , Public Prosecution. 

ý  Chief Assistant , follow-up and inspection.

ý  Chairman of the Public Prosecution in Medina

ý  Trainer in Criminal Justice.

ý  Part- timer Legal council to GOs Departments.

ý  Legal Advisor to Chief Public Prosecution Commission (Madinah Monawarh).   

     Granted Memberships: 

♦  Member of the National Human Rights Commission K.S.A.

♦  Member of the scientific judicial association K.S.A.

♦  Member of the Saudi administration association.

  More than Ten years experience in judicial proceedings before the Board of Grievances and the Islamic courts.

      Professional activities

ý  Laid down and Drafting of the newly project of prison system in Participation with the General Directorate of prisons in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

ý  Laid down and Drafting of the newly code of Criminal Procedure - executive regulation in Participation with the Ministry of Justice.

ý  External Examiner, University of Prince Naïf  for Security Sciences in the discussion of Theses

ý  Main Participator in  colloquium, seminars, discussion groups organized by the  Ministry of Justice in the area of Criminal Justice laws and regulations

ý  Trainer in Criminal Procedure at the Higher Institute for Security Sciences


  • ý  Provider of specialized courses in legal systems and provisions  to  many Government`s  
  •                 departments including: 


    ♦ Employees of the Madinah governor office 

    ♦ Officers of the Directorate General of Prison 

    ♦ Public security officers 

    ♦ Administrative detectives officers

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